Our work are based on three core strategies which are monitoring and research, advocacy, and community building and empowerment. We explore impacts of technology on human rights as well as advocate for human rights protection where it is at risk from the impacts of technology based on the local context. Three issues that we work on are freedom of expression and information, the right to privacy, and net neutraility.

FReedom of expression and information

While Freedom of expression and information is fundamental in a democratic society, it is usually at risk in a repressive political environment like Southeast Asia. In the changed environment, technology has brought the landscape of freedom of expression and information in the region to the new level. Our agenda is to explore how technology have impacts on freedom of expression and information, advocate for the rights, and work with the community to handle these new narratives.

the right to privacy

In the digital age, personal data and privacy are under threat as it has never been before. Tech companies monetize personal data, while governments use it for surveillance. Emerging technologies such as 5G, facial recognition, and Internet of Things are also on the rise as well as initiatives such as Digital ID, Smart Cities, and the collection of biometrics data. We advocate for robust personal data protection regulations in the region and also monitor as well as helping the communities at risk to understand the impacts of technologies on their personal data, privacy, and security.

net neutralitY

Net neutrality can be complicated in the region of Southeast Asia where the issue is still not much documented. However, that does not mean it is not important. Net Neutrality is about access and control of information based on policies and practices of telecommunication service providers. The organization explores the development of net neutrality in Southeast Asia regarding how policies and practices have impacts over the issue,  advocate for equal opportunities, and help others to understand about this usually overlooked topic.