Online People-Watching: Censorship, Surveillance, and the National Internet Gateway in Cambodia

On February 16, 2021, the Cambodian government issued the Sub-Decree No.23 on the Establishment of National Internet Gateway.  The law will result in the implementation of the National Internet Gateway (NIG), through which the government will gain control of data traffic in the country through the NIG operators.

Once implemented, the NIG can enable a larger scale of censorship and surveillance on internet users in Cambodia, and threaten internet freedom. In response to the law and to support the civil society in Cambodia, DigitalReach has launched this briefing paper to address the possible threats and challenges that the NIG will bring to internet freedom in Cambodia. This paper is aimed at individuals and groups who are at risk so that they may understand about the situation and better prepare for upcoming potential threats.

The briefing paper is available to download here.

The English version of the Sub-Decree No.23 on the Establishment of National Internet Gateway is available here.

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