1. Non-profit, non-governmental organizations that works on digital rights-related issues in Southeast Asia.
2. Organization whose work is focused on local human rights issues in Southeast Asia.
3. Organizations whose mission aligns with the mission of the coalition.




Provide advice on the work of the coalition in order for it to meet the needs of a local context and accurately respond to these needs.
Work with the Secretariat and other members on the coalition’s work or at least participate in the coalition’s activities and promote the activities with in their network.
Act as a focal point when the activities are organized in or about their respective country as per agreement.

The coalition is driven by the members. Members can propose strategies or activities they think the coalition should adopt, but this is not required. The contribution of the members towards the coalition also depends on the member’s capacity. If you are interested in being part of the coalition, please fill out the form below;

    *Does not necessarily mean where the organization is based, but it means what country in Southeast Asia that the work of the organization focuses on.

    *Registration is not required, but we would include in the conversation on how the organization is planning to register as an organization or operate if the registration in the country where the organization is based is hard to obtain a registration certificate.