Digital Rights

in Southeast Asia 2021/2022

DigitalReach’s annual report on digital rights in Southeast Asia reviews the digital rights situation in Southeast Asia over a calendar year. The latest report seeks to understand the influence of technology on the development of human rights between January and December 2021. It serves as a guide for DigitalReach and our partners on digital rights-related work in the region.

The highlight of this year’s report is digital authoritarianism in Myanmar, which focuses on the tactics used by the Myanmar military. This is followed by a discussion of developments that fall under the organization’s three core areas of work: freedom of expression and access to information, the right to privacy, and digital security.

Apart from providing insight into trends, events, and incidents highlighted in the report, this year’s launch will discuss what to expect in 2022 with regard to digital rights in the Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. These countries were chosen based on key developments in 2021. The launch will also discuss the upcoming 2022 Philippine Presidential Election, the situation in Myanmar, spyware attacks and other issues in Thailand, the Singapore government’s obsession with foreign interference, and what to expect in Malaysia following its 2021 government changeover.

The full report is available below.


The full report is
available here.