About us

DigitalReach was founded in 2019 as an organization that looks into impacts that technology has on human rights in Southeast Asia. The organization has a mission to safeguard digital rights and internet freedom in the region. Our work revolves around our three core stratgies which are research and monitoring, advocacy, and community building and empowerment.

Research & Monitoring

We monitor impacts of technology on human rights situations in Southeast Asia. The organization analyzes the situations at a national level as well as the regional level. We conduct research and release publications for advocacy on important areas including policy analysis, investigative research, and partner with other organizations for quantitative analysis and computational approaches.


Our advocacy work involves stakeholders at national, regional, and international level. The advocacy approaches are based on the local context for higher chances of impacts. We look at possibilities to work with local partners, involve in the regional human rights mechanism particularly at ASEAN, and address the issues of digital rights in Southeast Asia with international stakeholders.

Community Building & Empowerment

Building a community on digital rights by addressing impacts of technology on their work and their lives as well as working with them to explore how they can use technology to improve their work is part of our strategy. We also explore tools and initiatives from outside of the region to empower the communities in Southeast Asia.